Why this website?

Three major points

1. That all people have the possibility, in silence for themselve, to consider there live and relationship to God and Jesus Christ. Everyone is responsibly for his live in face to God, but he need to get a chance to consider it. I want to help them in this step.

2. I´m absolutely convinced that this world need nothing more than the love and grace of Jesus. With my small messages I like people around the world to consider it.

3. This website should not and will not satiesfied theologian and pastor who have study it. With this website I just want to share to people my experiance I have made in over 30 years as christian. And if only one person will find Jesus in this way, all this work has make sense and was worth to do it.

Short explanation: Why?

Our whole world, work and media becomes more and more complicated. a pen and a paper was enough several year ago. In same position we now need to know software technology. If you´re not able to handle it they will be only a lower place for you in our society.

Technology, science, performance and education split our society. Like poor and rich are going in different direction as so our communcation and vocabulary going in a different direction.

The sad result is: we speak the same language but we do not understand each other.

If doctor talking to doctor they fully understand each other but how about their patients?

Christian understand christian but this is not enough. Will all man understand when we talk about Jesus and his love?

I´m sure a lot of our churches are Sunday by Sunday more or less empty not because people are not interested in Jesus and the message of the bible. No, they are empty because people do not understand what we are talking about.

Why should I go to a church if I`ll not understand what they talking there.

We christian should serious consider it.

Whatever I talk or preach to people, the most important is, they must understand me.

I don´t want to convince people, I just want that they understand, they are loved by Jesus Christ.


Dumbly community

A lot of hours in my life I stay in Airport-lounges and it becomes like a hobby to study humans around me. But not only there, even on other place I like to do it. To see the people and there behave. When I consider the time about 10 year back, people hang around at different places have...

Share your bread

A beggar is sitting in the underpass where I go along. He ask for a little help because he´s hungry. People past him, as well me. After few meters I remember him and I walk to the bakery buy bread and handle it over to him. After it I walk my way. A time later I consider my handling and I come to...