Share your bread

Jun 10, 2017

A beggar is sitting in the underpass where I go along. He ask for a little help because he´s hungry. People past him, as well me. After few meters I remember him and I walk to the bakery buy bread and handle it over to him. After it I walk my way.

A time later I consider my handling and I come to the conclusion that what I´ve done was not correct in all details.

Surly it was right to give the beggar some bread to still his hunger. But it works just for a while and the hunger will come back. The bread I gave to him will not chance his life situation. The bread I gave him is fading and help only for a moment.

Jesus said important words about bread:

John: 6,35 “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty“

There are so many people, who are hungry for daily bread and it´s good if we can feet them. But what about about the bread of life? There are so many people around us who are hungry in there heart and soul. This hunger we can´t still with with daily bread or foot. This hunger can be stilled only by living word of Jesus. There is another good word in bible:

Isaiah 58,7 “Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and don´t hide from relatives who need your help“

We humans have body and soul. Both of them need to be feed. The bible teaches us that we have to share what we have with other who need it. But only both, the daily bread as well the living bread will still the hunger of this world in the end. If you´re a Christian start today and share your bread, the daily one as well the living one. If you´re not a Christian start reading the living word or you can contact me if you have question about the living bread and would change will come trough it in your life.

God bless your heart. Would like to hear from you. Your proposal and questions are much appreciated.


  1. Natha

    Hey Olaf, really cool article! Thanks!

    • Olaf

      Thanks for your comment, blessings

    • Linda Fourie

      Thanks appreciate your kindness to encourage and share with us May God Bless you and your loved ones Abundantly In Jesus Name Amen ?

      • Olaf

        Thanks for your comment, sorry for such late respond I was offline for few weeks.
        God bless your heart and fill you up with his love.


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