My vision

1. That ALL man, all the same what nation or social society will hear and UNDERSTAND the simple message from the love of Jesus. That they can use it in their live and understand the reason for living.

2. That we preach in our churches in the same simple way like Jesus done. His words are made for everyone and everyone should understand it.

3. That we christian takes over the mission Jesus has give to us when he said: Matthew 28, 19-20 „…go and make disciples of all the nations…teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have give to you….

4. That every man will make the experience of the love and grace of Jesus. Like I have done and do every morning new.

5. That our world become a place where people live in love to Jesus and each other. Jesus has given all of us the most important rule: Love God with all of your heart and your neighbour like you love yourself. Only this one rule can solve all our problems. Are we ready to do? Are you ready to start?

Dumbly community

A lot of hours in my life I stay in Airport-lounges and it becomes like a hobby to study humans around me. But not only there, even on other place I like to do it. To see the people and there behave. When I consider the time about 10 year back, people hang around at different places have...

Share your bread

A beggar is sitting in the underpass where I go along. He ask for a little help because he´s hungry. People past him, as well me. After few meters I remember him and I walk to the bakery buy bread and handle it over to him. After it I walk my way. A time later I consider my handling and I come to...