Life, Love, God and his children in this world
I have a message for you!What is "oh-love-ministries"?

Great to have you here on my website.


What’s behind? What’s the meaning?

Oh-love, is the simple way how I teach people to pronounce my name.

oh – like surprise
love – like the love

If you pronounce it, it sounds like my name: Olaf

Thousands of people in different countries remember my name this way. The word ministries I use because I like to serve people.

That’s why my website is called oh-love-ministries.

With this website I want that you consider about your life in and with this world.
Under Message for you I write time by time some small simple message about life, love, God and his children in this world.

It is welcome when you send me a message so that we can share our ideas. Even if you have questions about Jesus and his love.

If you like to know more about my private life you can visit me on Instagram.

I wish that this website can help you in your life.
God bless you.

Olaf Woggon

Dumbly community

A lot of hours in my life I stay in Airport-lounges and it becomes like a hobby to study humans around me. But not only there, even on other place I like to do it. To see the people and there behave. When I consider the time about 10 year back, people hang around at different places have...

Share your bread

A beggar is sitting in the underpass where I go along. He ask for a little help because he´s hungry. People past him, as well me. After few meters I remember him and I walk to the bakery buy bread and handle it over to him. After it I walk my way. A time later I consider my handling and I come to...