Dumbly community

Mar 28, 2018

A lot of hours in my life I stay in Airport-lounges and it becomes like a hobby to study humans around me. But not only there, even on other place I like to do it. To see the people and there behave.

When I consider the time about 10 year back, people hang around at different places have discussion and communtity together.
Today people standing together as well. But somthing is different. One by one watching there smartphone or tablet, some of them are able to watch both in the same time. And if somesone is moving from this group, most not recognize it, that´s sad.

We humans start living in a „dumbly community“. May we stay together but we talk not together.
One day I observe a couple in an Airport Lounge. They sitting together more then one hour. In this time they talk not one word to each other. I´m sure they not recognize it. They just watching their smartphone.

Surly, we have communication. We use social networks, and we need them. But does we still have community among each other?
10.000 friends or followers but no relationship.
More and more we talk about the loneliness in our society. We´re looking for solutions, but we don´t find them.
As long as we´re living in the „dumbly community“ as long we will not find a solution for the increasing loneliness of humans.

God create man to have living community with him. We found it in the beginning of the Holy Bible.
Gen. 2,18: …It is not good for the man to be alone. …
follow by
Gen. 3,9: Then the Lord God called to the man, „Where are you?“

The Lord God calls us in his community and among each other.
Social networks are good and we need them. But more than this we need the community with God and among each other. This is the will of God our heavenly father.
God is not using social networks. The communication to him are our prayers an so we will life in community with him. This community we should share among each other.
This will be the only solution agains the increasing loneliness of our society.

„Where are you man?“ The Lord God is calling you in his community.

God bless you.

What are your experiance? Share it with me, where ever you are.
Hope to hear from you.


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