Something about me

Born 1964 since 1987 married with my wonderful wife and have two great Kids.

Since over 30 year I´m a christian with lot of valleys and much more mountains. I´m travelling for my business over 25 years and have visit more than 250 places in over 60 countries. I meet so many people and with lot of them I have more than business relationship.

I have made over 1000 trainings, workshops and dissertations. All the times I had to react on different languages and cultures. But he most important was to explain complicated technical specifications, which are not always easy to explain. In this time I have learned to speak in very easy words. Describe complicated facts with simple „language“ .

Apart from my business my whole passion is the love of Jesus Christ, my wife and my family. I´m so blessed in it.
Like to relax with my wife in front of our caravan somewhere in front of the beach and playing lit bit guitar. I love cooking as well and having some humor with my friends.
You can share my privacy on Instagram, if you like.

About my mission

I´m preaching in churches and other places and like to tell the people my experiance I have with the love of Jesus Christ. I like to do this in a simple way and language, speek in picture like Jesus done. Important is not that christian can understand me. Important is that people can understand me who never had realationship with Jesus and are far away from him.

Not what we can explain perfectly academical, theological or psychological will humans enthuse. People will be enthuse from something they can understand, this they will love as well.

My mission is to enthuse people in a simple way from the love of Jesus, like I have made my experiance with him.

The holy bible and what is written in is not complicated. But sometimes we christians are making it complicated and we´re wondering why nobody is understanding what we´re talking about.

Something I can´t understand I will not love as well. That´s the tragedy.

All I preach about, is the grace and love of Jesus in my life. I´m a sinner safed by grace.

I was raped when I was a child, had crime problems, was involved in occultism but when I found Jesus he set me free from all.

I´m now free and I want to tell the people that they can be free as well.

The grace and love of Jesus, that´s what I like to talk about.

I like to do it in the same simple way like Jesus done.

This is my mission.


Dumbly community

A lot of hours in my life I stay in Airport-lounges and it becomes like a hobby to study humans around me. But not only there, even on other place I like to do it. To see the people and there behave. When I consider the time about 10 year back, people hang around at different places have...

Share your bread

A beggar is sitting in the underpass where I go along. He ask for a little help because he´s hungry. People past him, as well me. After few meters I remember him and I walk to the bakery buy bread and handle it over to him. After it I walk my way. A time later I consider my handling and I come to...